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Πριν την αρχή / Stand by
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MedFilm Festival 1997 / Beta digitale, 99 minuti.



Πριν την αρχή / Stand by (with english subtitles)


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Mina Chimona (Eleni) Greek

Chrisantos Chrisantou (Yorgos) Greek-Cypriot

Alexandros Chagiathanasiou (Child) Greek-Cypriot

Despina Bebedeli (Aunt Kallou) Greek

Stelios Kafkarides (Mikis) Greek-Cypriot

Umit Inatci (Father) Turk-Cypriot

Monika Vassiliou (Lady) Grek-Cypriot

Thanos Pettemerides (Master Kemal) Greek-Cypriot

Andreas Melekis (customer) Greek-Cypriot

Monika Meleki (Adventuress) Bulgarian

Annita Santorineou (Arghyroulla) Greek-Cypriot

Andreas Tsouris (Lakis) Greek-Cypriot

Yorgos Muaimis (Matteo) Grek-Cypriot





Subject, Screenplay, Direction: Pasquale Misuraca (Italian)

Co-writers: Nefeli Misuraca, Gigino Pellegrini, Marco Perez (Italians), Alexandra Zambà (Greek-Cypriot)

Photography: Giuseppe Schifani (Italian)

Sound: Pantelis Haggifrancescou (Greek-Cypriot)

Set design and Costumes: Umit Inatci (Turk-Cypriot)

Music: Vassos Argyridis (Greek-Cypriot)

Editing: Alessandro Cerquetti, Alessio Doglione (Italians), Silvia Moraes (Brazilian)

Producer: Alexandra Zambà (Greek-Cypriot)





STAND BY is a fiction feature film in colours, realized in 1996. Its lenght is of 99 minutes.

This film is the product of a collaboration between the rising Cypriot cinematography and Italian cinema. The film has Cypriot nationality, in a moment where Cyprus is witnessing a deep crisis in its national identity.


The screenplay has been written by Italian and Cypriot professionals and it has been preceded by three documentaries about the historical, social and cultural reality in today’s Cyprus. These documentaires are: Cypriots (Pesaro 1995), Amorosa Caterina (Nicosia 1996), Nostalgia of theForbibben Cities (Torino 1996).


The film has been shot entirely in Cyprus, in actual locations, within actual public happenings as well as within traditional rites. The film was acted by Cypriot -Greek-Cypriot and Turk-Cypriot-, Greek and Bulgarian actors, together with the partecipation of the people from Limassol, Larnaka and Nicosia.


The spoken language is Greek, along with Greek-Cypriot, Turk-Cypriot, English, Italian and Armenian linguistic expressions.


The film has been shot in Beta SP (visual) and DAT (sound) and it has been edited throughout the most advanced technologies available: Light Works for the visual, Pro Tools for the sound. It has been transferred into Digital Beta in order to have a cinematic correction of the colours, and it is ready to be transferred in 35 mm.


The post-production took place in Italy.